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Operational Meteorology Concentration


The primary focus of operational meteorology is weather forecasting. Operational meteorologists create forecasts by analyzing information about weather conditions, including temperature, air pressure, wind velocity and humidity. They then apply mathematical, scientific and physical techniques to this information to create forecasts. Meteorologists can choose from a variety of careers and work environments. The Operational Meteorology Concentration is specifically designed for students who desire careers in weather forecasting either for the National Weather Service or for private industry. This concentration meets all of the federal civil service requirements for employment in operational meteorology.


The Operational Meteorology Concentration within the Meteorology B.A. degree will consist of 31 hours (25 core credits and 6 elective credits). Students will fulfill the requirements for a Concentration in Operational Meteorology if they complete the following coursework, in addition to that required for the B.A. in Meteorology .

Physics and Meteorology Core Courses (18 credits):

1. PHYS 215 (Synoptic Meteorology) (3 cr.)
2. PHYS 230 (Introduction to Modern Physics) (3 cr.)
3. PHYS 405 (Thermal Physics) (3 cr.)
4. PHYS 415 (Fluid Mechanics) (3 cr.)
5. PHYS 425 (Mesoscale Meteorology) (3 cr.)
6. PHYS 459 (Cloud and Precipitation Physics) (3 cr.)

Mathematics Cognate Core (7 Credits):

1. MATH 221 (Multivariable Calculus) (4 cr.)
2. MATH 323 (Differential Equations) (3 cr.) OR PHYS 272 (Methods of Applied Physics) (3 cr.)

Electives (6 Credits):

1. PHYS 409 (Electricity and Magnetism) (3 cr.)
2. PHYS 340 (Photonics) (3 cr.)
3. BIOL 342 (Oceanography) (3 cr.)
4. CHEM 111/111L (Principles of Chemistry) (4 cr.)
5. CSCI 220/220L (Computer Programming) (4 cr.)
6. GEOL 438 (Hydrogeology) (3 cr.)
7. MATH 250 (Statistical Methods I) (3 cr.)

NOTE: PHYS 101/102 can not be taken to satisfy the introductory year of physics. PHYS381, PHYS 457, GEOL442, or GEOL 449 are recommended.